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Academic Curriculum

Children learn handwriting, phonics, reading readiness, early math skills and science.  Children will participate in a variety of fun, hands-on learning activities relating to the “letter of the week”, working in both small and large group settings.

Christian Curriculum

Daily devotionals, bible stories and songs provide a learning experience for the children regarding character development, as they grow in self-confidence and self-discipline.  The children develop an awareness of the importance of obedience and respect toward others and are taught to share love and compassion with their parents, teachers and friends.  Bible concepts presented at such a young age help preschoolers apply these biblical principles to their everyday life as they learn about themselves and the world around them.

Circle Time Activity

Circle time is a learning experience for the children to have a special time to share ideas, read and tell stories and listen to friends.  The calendar and weather are discussed, ending with an exciting story.  It is a wonderful time for the children; one which they always look forward to.

Music Development

Through the use of good rhythm instruments and props, the children will experience and develop music appreciation.  Creative, fun fitness songs get the children excited to move and exercise.  Music is a wonderful way to develop the children’s focus and listening skills.

Arts and Crafts

Art gives children a time to share ideas that have special meaning to them, as they learn a variety of shapes, forms and colors.  Creative, fun art activities, with the use of different tools and materials help children capture moments of their lives.


Outside Play

Our state of the art playground equipment is designed to give the children the opportunity to explore and perform physical activities through movement, exercise and outside games.  The children will practice balance, coordination and strength in large motor skills.


Nutritional Snacks

Children learn to eat a variety of new and healthy foods.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are served.  Nutritional activities and concepts taught include: food gives energy to the body, food helps us grow and foods keeps us healthy.


Structured Learning Centers

Block Center

Block play provides children great opportunities to build a variety of       structures, as they begin to understand the order of shapes, space and  height.  In a group setting children work together to create a building project; and what fun it is to see the finished product!


Dramatic Play / Housekeeping Center

Dramatic play gives children the opportunity to role play one of their favorite life characters.  Children develop learning skills in various dramatic play situations by becoming more aware of themselves, their thoughts and their feelings.  It helps the children learn to work together, express ideas and share and care with their friends.


Science Center

Children are given the opportunity to experience the world around them through various hands on materials that are teacher selected and displayed to be explored.  Monthly science projects develop the children’s thinking skills, teach them new vocabulary words and help them to understand how things work.


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